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Note: This site contain mostly images and wallpapers of sexy female anime characters. (for all you anime Perverts) Note:This page is viewed best by Netscape or Internet Explorer.
Note: Some pages contain nudity (hentai)
---Moon Square ---
Welcome to Moon Square , this site is dedicated to all the ANIME fans. In here you will find my collectives of anime-related infomation, images, wallpapers, and other stuffs, Simply select anime, or Destination to see them.
So far I have images of Sailor moon, Eva, Devil hunter yohko, sanrio, CG's, Dark stalkers and other anime images. If you have any images that I don't have please send it to me, so I can keep updateing my page. ^_^
You may take whatever images you like from my site. ^_^

---Comming soon---
Hentai, and Yuki Tari images/wallpapers coming soon...
I know... I know... some of you guys/girls are agains hentai. ....I'm kinda too but.. come to think of it I like to have alittle spice. But if u don't like them don't enter the site that have hentai, you will be warned be for you enter it, k? ^_^
Note: see page info for more info on hentai and images by ken-ichi kutsugi (Yuki tari).

These are all the anime I have so far Sailor moon, Evanglion, devil hunter, darkstalker, CG's, sanrio, and more, to see my collection of my images and wallpapers ^_^

Page info: Come to Page inf to see infomation about my page.
Guess book:There is no gues book yet, but I'll make it soon.. And when it's done don't forget to SIGN it!! ^_^
E-mail: If you got any questions, comments or suggestions E-mail me.

-Yuki Tari-

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